Comic life!!

Last week was educater week and we were working on technoligy, so on the ipads we got this app called comic life which you can make posters,cetificerts,and comics. We were working with our buddie class next door MEM, we all tryed to have a partner from a diffrent class. I was with Jack, we made a comic about us as super heroes and doc MCsmeviel (the bad guy) has a evil plan hypnotising everyone, but jack and i got the hypnotising remote off of him and we orded the people to kill docMcsmeviel, and we turned the people back to normal.
By Bailey and Jack

P.S Check out comic life, and our finished product outside MMB and MEM.

War diarys

Last week because it was near Anzac Day we looked at a soldiers diary on YouTube so mr Bartlett it would be cool if we pretended that we were in the war and we wrote our own diary about all the scenes in war and wrote a diary

Swimming carnival

today at swimming I participated in freestyle,breaststroke,and relay I came fourth in freestyle but had a BIG! Come back i came FIRST IN BREASTSTOKE and third in relay after that the teachers did a relay.After that they called out who won (house colour) Fraser did and my best friend Lincoln got a medal and after that we went to school and went home.


Dylans wallpaperThis week we have been focusing on alitations,alitarations are more then 1 word has the same starting letter we looked at a tongue twister so after that we made our own tongue twisters myne was  Lincoln licked a lolly pop with Lilly in the loo oh did he lick that lolly pop with Lilly in the loo.


in spelling Mr Bartlett gave all of us sheets to put on the back of our chairs because if we don’t no how to spell that word or if you don’t know what it means you put on the back of your chairimage

My weekend

On the saturday me and my friend had to go to jumps club i brang my ipad and made a scary trailer on imovie i forgot what it was called.We showed people at jumps club we did this because were board and my friend put it on facebook.On sunday i just stayed home.

me and my little buddie peter

  Me and my buddie play together. Peter my little buddie is very funny and like to write lots of story’s and he like’s art alot he told me. Me on the other hand like’s sport my favourite is football and i like creative art’s and i’m not a realy big fan of writing and math’s

My Holiday

On the holidays on the first weekend i went to fun city  the first thing we did was laser tag my dad mum brother  and me. I came second in the leaderboard after laser tag me and my dad went on the rock climing walls my dad climed all the way to the top when he got up there he didn’t want to let go the lady said he had to so he did when i got up to the top i didn’t want to let go so i climed down after rock climing we did laser tag again this time it was only me and dad we were on teams our team was the red team after the game we checked who came first on the leaderboards red team won i came first my dad came second i can’t remeber what our team points were but i think thy were alot after that i played arcade games and got 123 tickets and then we went home.After some days we found out that my mums friend has died so we had to go to melbourne for funrel it took forever to get to melbourne but we got just in time it took like half an hour and then we had to go over to our hotel and stayed over night the next morning we get up early and we had to pack and get home it 2 hours to get home and thats all i can rember. image